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We offer storage for a wide variety of items, such as vehicles, motor homes, campers, trailers, fishing boats, pleasure boats, pleasure crafts, motor cycles, tractor lawn mowers, gardening tools, and much more. If something that you need stored isn't listed please use our contact page or give us a call as we store too many items to be listed on this page.

In the future we will be adding self-storage units of various sizes in which you can safely store items from your cottages or homes that may be vacant for a period of time.


Are you looking for someone who will pick up your camper, winterize and safely store it for the off season months then return it to the campground the following spring? Well, this service will be available to you in the fall of 2004. Get in contact with Neil for details!

PEI Storage has expanded once again! Storage Units now available, ideal for furniture. Unit sizes 10' x 15' and cost is $80 per month.

Phone: Home - 902-853-3357, Cell - 902-856-0007, Email: